Constipation and Bloating

Can hormone levels cause constipation and/or bloating?  It depends.  

Patients with low thyroid levels (T3) generally complain about constipation problems. Since thyroid has to do with metabolism, a sluggish thyroid can cause a sluggish metabolism, which includes your ability to eliminate. 

Many times we see a patient’s constipation vanish when thyroid levels are increased to optimal levels. Increased metabolism means increased peristalsis of the entire intestinal tract. 

And what about bloating? If the bloating typically occurs prior to the onset of your menstrual period, the cause is usually hormonal. Increasing your progesterone levels to the optimal range usually eliminates premenstrual bloating. If you tend to bloat after meals, you may lack sufficient digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid, thus preventing the complete digestion of your foods. 

The good news is that, in both cases, the symptoms are preventable with the proper hormonal treatment and dietary modifications.








"After going off birth control, my bowels suddenly clogged. I started eating more fiber, drinking more water. Soon I began using natural laxative senna teas, psyllium husks, special cleanses. I even had hydrocolonic therapy where thousands of gallons of water were directly infused into my colon. Nothing worked! Before starting therapy with the Center for Hormone Therapy I had resorted to enemas 3 times a week.

Immediately after starting natural Thyroid prescriptions, I saw a difference and it continues to provide consistent relief.This was only one of the many ailments addressed by hormone therapy, but it is one that I really appreciate! "

-R. Bagley, Mesa, Arizona