Many patients come to us with infertility issues including the inability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy. While many factors exist that inhibit conception, low progesterone levels is one of the most obvious.  

“Pro-gest-erone” is the hormone of “gestation,” or pregnancy. Women frequently come to us having unsuccessfully undergone infertility treatment. When asked about their progesterone levels, they state that they were never tested.  In several instances, after merely prescribing bio-identical progesterone and increasing the woman’s thyroid levels, conception occurred only six months later.  

Which hormone maintains the pregnancy and prevents miscarriage? Again, the hormone of pregnancy: progesterone. Many doctors now commonly use progesterone to prevent miscarriages.  








"My husband and I spent four years going though infertility testing. They never could find anything wrong with either of us.

Throughout the whole process, my hormone levels were never tested, which seemed odd to us. I was also experiencing some other health issues and was referred to The Center for Hormone Therapy.

We found out I was extremely low in progesterone and also thyroid. After 6 months on varying doses of progesterone, thyroid, and cortisol, we got pregnant!"

-Anne G.,South Jordan, Utah